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Campanile Table Lamp


The Campanile table lamp measures 12.0" long by 12.0" wide by 18.8" high. The Campanile is expertly crafted from whicker and fabric, resulting in a unique table lamp that is not only visually enticing but also sturdy and substantial. The Campanile features unique brass hardware that can be seen at the top of the lampshade and at the top of the lamps base. The lampshade is finished in a white fabric that is soft on the eyes. It is contrasted by a mixed brown toned whicker base which adds visual interest. The Campanile hosts a singular lightbulb that radiates soft white light through the shade, and beautifully illuminates any space. The Campanile chandelier radiates tropical elegance and design with its natural brown finish in a unique formation, and is a sure way to add natural flare to any room.
SKU 134965