Weekend at The Lake

Weekend at The Lake

A Weekend at the Lake

The LONG weekend is almost here and we are getting ready to spend the weekend at the lake! It’s looking like the weather is going to be HOT HOT HOT again and we can’t wait to get out of the city to soak up those rays. Planning for the long weekend and creating amazing memories go hand in hand so we wanted to share some things we are packing and prepping for this weekend!

Setting the Perfect Table

Gathering around the table at the lake is one of our favourite things! Sharing food, telling long-gone stories and making memories is what makes meal time so special. Celebrating the brightness of this season and make your table welcoming with a few of our lake staples!

Fiesta Ecologie Dishware

So. Bright. So. Colourful. We LOVE these dishware sets from Ecologie for that very reason! Made from 60% melamine and 40% plant fibre, they are perfect for the lake. Available in dinner plates, side plates, bowls and cups, you will be set for colourful meal! Turn any table into a celebration of summer with these bold and bright dishware sets. 

Lake Life Glassware

A staple for your lake table! Sip on your favourite drink in these glasses and embrace that laid-back, relaxed lifestyle that a weekend at the lake inspires. These have been flying off of our shelves here and we can’t get enough of them either. Adding these to your table this weekend will be sure to spark some fun conversations between your guests at the table. 

Swedish Dish Cloths

Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibres, these 100% compostable dishcloths are an established must-have in Scandinavia. They offer a sustainable alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels and become soft and pliable when wet for easy clean-up. A great addition to your kitchen at the lake!

Tic Tac Toe Runner

There is something about this pattern that just reminds us of the lake! The simple tic tac toe plaid pattern compliments the colourful dishware perfectly. Adding a table runner really brings the whole table together and there is little to no fuss involved, which is what we all want when we are at the lake! 

Cozy Cottage Candle

The final touch of the table is this Cozy Cottage Soy Candle from Soy Harvest. Giving off the wonderful aroma of cassis, juniper and peppermint, this candle smells like warmth and comfort. The wood wick makes a magical crackling sound, bringing the relaxing sounds of a campfire inside. These candles are made locally in the St. James neighbourhood in Winnipeg, which is an added bonus! 

Pro Tip: Add Some Nature!

Bring in some flowers and greenery that you’ve foraged outside to add a great personal touch to the table. Not only are they beautiful but they will fill up the table to make any meal a special occasion. Better yet, come stop by our store on your way out to pick up some farm-fresh flower bouquets put together by our Florist, Emily! *While quantities last* 

What To Eat This Weekend

To us, being out at the lake means two things: relaxing and treating ourselves! But working in the kitchen all day, creating an elaborate meal while the air gets warmer and warmer, does not sound relaxing. That’s why we love creating a platter or board for dinners at the lake. Easy to prepare in advance and always a crowd pleaser! We draw inspiration for our boards from the Platters and Boards cookbook by Shelly Westerhausen with Wyatt Worcel, like this Grill Out Platter! Take advantage of all of the fresh produce that is in season right now and fire up the grill, to create the perfect summer evening meal.

Game Time!

A weekend out at the lake wouldn’t be complete without playing some games and we have got some really great ones in store and online for you to shop! These games are complimented well with craft beer like some of our favourites Nonsuch Belgian Peach and Lake of the Woods Forgotten Ale and Sultana Gold!

Things They Don’t Teach You in School. Things they don’t teach you in school is definitely not your traditional trivia game with boring questions. Instead, this is a hilarious trivia game with more than 400 unexpected questions and answers you’ll never see coming! Loads of laughs and interesting discussions guaranteed!

Sing it Back. Read out the lyrics from a well-known song- your team mates must then guess the next line-singing is encouraged! Earn extra points by guessing the artist and song titles.

Our Favourite 'Evening at the Lake' Look

We love to be comfortable and cozy when we’re out at the lake so we are definitely packing these essentials for this weekend! 

Noella Crop Half-Zip Hoodie 

This hoodie is so cozy and comfortable, we could spend all weekend in it! Turkish-made and made from high quality cotton and polyester, this hoodie can easily become your go-to piece for when it cools off in the evening. We’ve been loving the whole Wanakome line this summer and this Noella Crop Half-Zip Hoodie has stolen our hearts!

Harding Crop Jean

Liverpool jeans have been a favourite here for a while and we especially love these ones! The cropped angled hem with the fringe is perfect for wearing out at the lake. Casual and laid-back but still showing off your personal style! These jeans are also so comfy that it’s almost feels like we could be wearing sweat pants!

Keria Dusty Pink Cap

Another great summer staple! Made in Australia, the Koorignal hat line has a wide range of hats to suit every style and need. We like the Keria Dusty Pink Cap as it classic yet trendy with the trucker-style look. Perfect for those hot summer days where you need to stay cool!

Last Minute Grabs

Just before you load up the car and head out the door, don’t forget to grab some of these essential items! Beekman is one of our favourite lines with all of their natural products. From bug spray to an after sun soap bar, they will have you set to enjoy the weekend safely!

Herbal Bug Repellant

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

After The Sun Soap Bar


Now that you’re full of inspiration for gathering this long weekend, it’s time to go out and enjoy this wonderful summer season! Hope you all have a safe and fun long weekend!

We’re open all weekend, including Monday from 9am-9pm and we’d love to see you.  

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