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Printable Thanksgiving Menu Cards

Printable Thanksgiving Menu Cards

Family gatherings and holiday occasions are such a special time to entertain. If there is a meal that you feel like being a little extra fancy for, now would be the time. Hours are spent preparing for you guests, cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the home and setting the table. So here is a quick little detail to help show off all that hard work!

Showcase your delicious Thanksgiving meal and watch the excitement of your guests grow as they read the meal that will be served. We've put together an editable Thanksgiving Menu Card that you can print at home. No more work is required on top of all your preparations, simply type in the dishes you plan to serve and hit the print button.

And like that, you have a beautiful, custom menu to decorate your Thanksgiving table with. Sometimes, the little details have a very memorable effect!

As you join together with your loved ones to celebrate all that you are thankful for, we would like to say how grateful we are for all of you who chose to visit Pineridge Hollow; dine with us, celebrate with us and bring us into your homes. Happy Thanksgiving!

Download your menu card here!




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