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How To Create A Collage Wall

How To Create A Collage Wall

One of our favourite looks for decorating your home is a collage wall! If you have a large wall space that you are looking to decorate you may face a few challenges, it can be expensive or hard to find a piece large enough to fill the area. A great solution to both of these concerns is using a number of smaller pieces to create your own mini gallery. But you don’t have to have a huge space to be able to create this look. You can chose to make your arrangement as big or as small as you like depending on how many pieces you would like to include!

We’ve put together some of our best tips for creating your perfect collage wall!


Step 1. Determine your space

To begin, measure the size of the area. This should help you determine roughly how many pieces you’ll need, although the number will also be affected by how large your main pieces are. It may help to choose at least one or two focus pieces. Your collage may take time, you won’t necessarily know exactly how many pieces you need right off the bat. You will probably want to play around with your arrangement a few times before deciding if it's done or if it has holes to fill. If you need inspiration on layouts, you can find a variety of templates online.


Step 2. Pick your pieces

If you have found an inspiration template or focus pieces this will help you search for more items for your collection. Follow a theme – similar styles and repeating colours or textures will help the grouping look cohesive. Balance is also important, if you have one round shape in your collage, make sure to include at least one other one somewhere else in your wall. An assortment of sizes and shapes will keep the arrangement interesting and help you fill gaps.


Step 3. Determine your layout

There are so many different ways that you can create your own collage, so feel free to use your creativity. Trace each of your items on to paper and cut out the shapes. Use these to practice arranging your collage on the wall where it will be hung. Watch for blank holes in the grouping and try to keep it visually balanced (colours, shapes and textures distributed evenly throughout).


Step 4. Get ready to hang

Once you are happy with the layout you have created with your cut outs, you can start replacing the papers with their actual items. If you were nervous about making lots of holes in your walls, a great option is to use damage free picture hanging strips! This also takes a lot of the technical difficulty out of the hanging process!


Ta Da! Your wall is complete! You can freshen up this your wall by replacing your original items with similar shapes or updating picture frames with new pictures. Picture hanging strips allow you to change things up regularly without creating a mess! If you're looking for pieces to create or update your own collage wall shop our collection of wall art & signs here.

Here are a few of our collage walls!


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