2019 Gift Guide for Baby

2019 Gift Guide for Baby

The little ones always get the cutest gifts! It's so fun to shop for their cute clothes, snugly stuffies and beautifully illustrated books. If you're looking for a gift for a little one this year, we've got lots to offer in the second floor of our boutique! You can also shop with us online and find all of our baby items here. If you're not quite sure what you have in mind, let us help with a few ideas!

1. We Are The Gardeners Book - $24.99, Harper Collins

Written by Joanna Gaines and her children, this book is the story of starting their own family garden and all the obstacles and knowledge they find along the way!

2. Jolie Bunny - $34, Jellycat

Every little one needs a soft animal friend as their companion. This little bunny is the perfect size for cuddles! Check out all of our Jellycat friends here.

3. Space Lovies - $18, Pehr

The perfect comfort blanket, made of ultra soft muslin just like a swaddle. Choose from the moon, star or rocket ship.

4. A is for Alphabet Book - $25, Small Jane

Read along with 26 tiny adventures, and learn the joy of ABC's. Hand-illustrated and 100% Canadian made, this kids book is the perfect gift for playful parent-child reading.

5. Cactus Blanket - $100, David Fussenegger

The softest blanket with the cutest cactus design, made from bamboo and is perfectly durable and warm for a little one.

6. Knit Moccasins - $46, Beba Bean

How sweet are these knit baby booties? Made of wool and leather and a soft lining, these boots are comfortable, warm and guaranteed to stay on baby's feet!

7. Knit Sweater - $46, Beba Bean

This adorable crochet knit hoodie is made with all cotton fand handcrafted wooden buttons. Available in grey, pink or ivory.

8. Bead Maze - $40, Janod

Bound to keep that little one busy for hours, this bead maze with animal figures is colourful and fun and teaches baby concentration, motor skills and dexterity.

And there you have 8 ways to spoil that little one in your life! If you're looking for other gifts on your list, check out our other holiday gift guides below! We're here to help you with all your holiday shopping!

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