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Our Furniture Shopping Experience

Our Furniture Shopping Experience

Our Furniture Shopping Experience

What makes shopping at Pineridge Hollow for furniture so unique? We are passionate and excited to help you design the home of your dreams! As we are heading into our second week of the Fall Furniture Sale, we wanted to share a little insight into what to expect when you come into our showroom. You are going to love furniture shopping at Pineridge Hollow! 

We have created a relaxed atmosphere where you can be comfortable and enjoy the whole experience. Whether you are recreating a space to achieve better function, downsizing or preparing a new build, it will be a fun process. We are here to offer as much assistance as you desire. Many of our guests enjoy wandering our showroom on their own: dreaming, touching, trying pieces out and them approaching us to answer their questions. 

You set the pace.

We are a group passionate for design and absolutely love to help bring your dreams and plans to life. We encourage you to set up an appointment, so we can dedicate our attention and space to you. Whether you set up an appointment or drop in; there are a few things the will really help make the conversation flow:

- Most importantly is measurements. Having the exact measurements of the room allows us to scale everything out for you and it provides us both with the parameters from which to curate the space.

- Photos of the room and inspirational photos are great to bring along as well. These allow us to gain a better understanding of your unique style and preferences.

- If you have paint, flooring and upholstery samples of what is in the room, or going into the room, bring them along as they help tremendously with matching shades.

Keep in mind we do offer an in-home design service as well. We are happy to discuss this with you as it may well be exactly what you need. Pineridge has so much more available than what you see here on our showroom floor and we are happy to source what you are looking for.  

Most pieces are ordered in and take time to arrive. We encourage you to start the process early. This allows the time to order in what you really want.  We do have some pieces in stock as well, so please ask if you are looking for a piece at the last minute. You may be pleasantly surprised.  

We do deliver! And have the best delivery teams, who respect your home and are friendly and courteous.

So ... 

from your first visit to taking the samples home....

From making your final choices to our delivery team arriving at your front door...

From showing off your space to our commitment to after sale service...

We trust you will join our many guests who return time and time again and now are considered family. 


Ready to start your furniture shopping and designing process with us? Book an appointment with our furniture team by emailing or by phoning (204) 777-3881 ext.125! We can't wait to see you.

Need some inspiration first? Take a look at all of the companies that we carry and why we love them here. 

Enjoy the process of dreaming, designing and seeing everything come to life in your home!

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