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Ask the Expert with Our Furniture Team

Ask the Expert with Our Furniture Team

Ask the Expert with Our Furniture Team!

It is one of our favourite times of year here at Pineridge Hollow - our Fall Furniture Sale! In our next instalment of our Ask The Expert Series, we sat down with a couple members of our furniture team to get some of your questions answered. Our furniture team is so talented, we couldn't just pick one expert! Keep reading to see what Furniture Manager, Kathryn Cormie and Furniture Designer, Brenda Kardynal have to say!

Q: How do you decide which furniture companies you carry in store?

A: Value is our priority! Within that is price point variation so we are accessible to everyone. We also want to source as close to home as we can while maintaining the looks for which we are known. Looking back it is also suggestions from our guests. This is how we found Lee Industries as well as Four Hands. 

- Kathryn

Q: What furniture companies do you carry in store?

A: Our upholstery companies are: Lee Industries, Decor Rest and Four Hands. Our case good companies are Canadel and Bramble Co. We also carry Uttermost, Mercana and Sunpan. For Lighting we are supplied by Savoy House, Regina Andrew, Uttermost, Mercana and Norlite. Our Area rug suppliers are: Loloi, Dash and Albert and Uttermost.

- Kathryn

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Q: How long does it take for pieces to arrive once ordered? 

A: We have a range of 2 weeks to 6 months even a bit longer for Bramble. We are in unprecedented times right now as well. Generally, we say 8-12 weeks but it really depends on the company we are ordering from and their supply availability.

- Kathryn

Q: What are some tried and true design tips that you live by?

A: To reduce clutter! Review your entire house and arrange like things together into collections. People often don’t realize that they have a collection until they group them together! Examples of a collection could be teapots, books, pottery, ceramics, mercury glass, vintage toys, etc. They can also be different objects in the same colour or finish. Similar objects like all glass vases, are another great example of a collection. Often when we like something we have several and they have more impact when together! If it looks like a collection, rather than clutter, it will help compliment your space beautifully!

- Brenda

Q: What is your favourite part of helping people design their homes? 

A: My favourite part of the design process is the problem solving. Taking a difficult and awkward space and making it beautiful is so much fun for me.  It’s easy to make a perfectly proportioned space look wonderful but not so easy when you have a dark tunnel like living room broken up with opening or what not. and no decisive entrance, or a small space or an overly large space. I love the challenge!

- Brenda

Q: What advice do you have when choosing fabric for a custom sofa?

The fabric that you choose is really important to the overall look of your sofas and chairs! Rich velvets can feel exactly that - rich and formal. Damasks and fabrics with sheen can also look dressy. On the other hand, textures like chenilles and tweedy fabrics can be warm and inviting. Cottons and linens give you that artisan/homey quality (think slipcovers). The choice you make must be well thought out as the fabric choice changes the look of the piece entirely. 

Something else you need to consider is the function of the piece. Do you have small children, pets, teens who can sometimes be a little messy? How is the room and furniture used? Is it a TV room where stain resistance is important or is it in a formal living room where the look comes first? The style of the furniture piece can also dictate fabric choice! Lucky for you, we are spoiled for choice! 

- Brenda

Q: What are your personal favourite pieces that you carry?

A: My personal favourite pieces that we carry are Lee Industries. Yummy Belgian Linens for slipcovers and turned wood legs and enough models to choose from that it is literally like custom building your furniture. They create beautiful old world details in a modern factory that continuously wins awards for their environmental practices. Perfect! 

- Brenda

Our Fall Furniture sale is on NOW until October 4th, where you can enjoy 25% OFF all in stock and custom order furniture, area rugs, select lighting, wall art, and decor! Come visit Kathryn, Brenda and the rest of our furniture team on the showroom floor from 9AM - 9PM daily! You can also get your furniture journey started by emailing to set up an appointment or by calling (204) 777-3881 ext. 125!

Need a little more information about our furniture shopping experience? Check out this blog! 

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