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Local Vendor Feature - Hildegard's Bakery

Local Vendor Feature - Hildegard's Bakery

Supporting local and small business is very near & dear to our hearts here at Pineridge Hollow. When it comes to our menu, another value we hold in high regard is bringing the food we eat back to its roots, with made from scratch, farm fresh and whole ingredients.

We have always felt like the little details can often make a big difference. And one of the areas in a meal that seems to make a huge impact is in the bread! We were over the moon when we heard that the delicious, authentic bread made by Diversity Foods would be available closer to home with the establishment of Hildegard’s Bakery in Winnipeg. Pineridge Hollow has since been lucky enough to have Hildegard’s supply our restaurant with a number of their amazing breads. On our menu you can find their Simple Sourdough, Prairie Sourdough, Ancient Multigrain and Kamut buns.

So why is their bread so impressive?

They mill their own whole-grain flours fresh in house, use local and (mostly) organic ingredients and bake in a giant wood fired oven. Freshly ground flours allow for a higher nutrition and healthy fat content, while their overnight fermentation process creates bread that is more naturally sweet & easier for the body to digest. Sounds good so far, doesn’t it?

Hildegard’s is known for their sourdough products and we love them too – for so many reasons. Aside from its delicious tang and chewy crust, one of the great benefits of sourdough bread is its versatility in accommodating many diets and health restrictions. The most important part of sourdough bread is the starter. Starter is a natural leavening agent - used instead of yeast - created by the natural fermentation of flour and water. Naturally leavened breads (as opposed to commercial yeast) release glucose in the blood stream more gradually, while the naturally occurring lactobacillus in the starter aids in digestion. These properties can make Hildegard’s’ sourdough an excellent choice for many different health issues including Diabetes. Their sourdough also doesn’t require any dairy or eggs making it a perfect, delicious choice for vegans and dairy-free diets.

The history of making sourdough and the baking process at Hildegard’s Bakery & Diversity Foods is fascinating and we’re so excited to be offering their freshly baked bread at The Farmer's Kitchen Grocery Store! Come enjoy their ancient grains and other pallets of pastries and baked goods in The Village. 

In the meantime, find their fantastic breads on our menu daily!

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