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Everything You Need To Know About Sectionals

Everything You Need To Know About Sectionals

One of the most commonly purchased furniture items in our showroom are sectionals. We thought wanted to share some answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding sectionals and purchasing a sectional for your space. Here to teach you everything you need to know is Brenda, one of our furniture sales associates and in-house designers.


Q: Do the pieces all connect together?

A: Yes - and that's important when you have hard flooring - nothing will move around when its sat in.


Q: Can you order individual pieces? Ex. chaises, ottomans, sofas, wedges?

A: Yes, the idea of a sectional is that you build them for the space - like custom furniture but without the custom price! Different models have different pieces available, cornering sofas, chaises, square corners versus wedges with rounded backs, bumpers etc.


I will be viewing the piece from the back - any advice?

Yes, the curved back wedge is lovely viewed from the back. Plus it means that the seat depth along the entire length of the sofa is the same where as a square corner comes to a deeper point and there is no place for the back of your knees. The wedge has a flat space in front that makes it comfortable for your legs.

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Some sectionals seem so large, I am worried that they will overwhelm my space.

There are many models to choose from, some more tailored with higher legs that give it a more open feel. Lower backed pieces are great for offering a smaller profile. Sectionals are actually a clever piece of furniture, ideal for small spaces because they use corners efficiently and they can curve and end in a bumper or a chaise - they create more seating with no wasted space.


What about lamps /tables/for reading and placing drinks etc.?

Floor lamps with a base that fits under the furniture and curves up and over to light the specific area that you are sitting at will work great.  As for tables, you can look for a pieces that lift or lower according to need.  You may want to have an end table the same height as the arm so that you are not reaching down for your coffee or drink. There are also tables designed to swing over the arm for eating or working on your computer.


Are there advantages to semi-attached back cushions?

Yes - if you have small children that like to build tents and fortresses with cushions there is definitely advantages to having them attached. It does keep the piece tidier if the cushions stay in place - however there are advantages to having them unattached - you have fabric on both sides so you have double the wear (the exception being leather which has fabric on the back).

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What other options do I have?

With good quality furniture you have many options - soft or firm seating, feather or foam filling for cushions, different stain option for wood. Springs in the seat, buttons, fringe, piping, different stitching details, slipcovers that are wonderful for those with pets and small children. Again custom options without the custom pricing! 

There are so many benefits to sectionals, with the most important feature being that they are incredibly versatile! They make the most of your space and offer an abundance of seating - perfect for family gatherings or stretching out for a movie marathon! 

Are you ready to start designing your custom sectional? Still have questions? We would love to help! 

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