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Christmas Baking 2019

Christmas Baking 2019

Save yourself the time, energy and dishes of preparing an assortment of dainties for your holiday get together. We'll do the hard part, simply ORDER HERE, pick up on your selected date and serve!

All baking is available to order online for in store pick up. Cookies by the dozen do not have to be pre-ordered online. They can be purchased at any time in store.

COOKIES & SQUARES by the dozen (sold frozen)

Cranberry Orange Shortbread                               $8/dozen

Crackle Cookies


Imperial Cookies                                                      $18/dozen

Shortbread Wreaths                                                $15/dozen

Butter Tarts

Pear Almond Tarts                                                   $15/dozen

Candy Cane Brownies                                             $15/dozen

Pecan Tarts                                                               $18/dozen


Pre-order pick up dates will be every Tuesday and Friday beginning on December 2nd. All pre-orders must be placed online through our website.

Fresh Platters $35

Consists of an assortment of the above desserts. It will be beautifully arranged and ready to be served for your holiday party. The platters will be prepared fresh on the date selected when you order. If you do not show up to pick up your platter on that date, the platter will be placed in the freezer. Platters consist of 36 pieces.

Decorated Sugar Cookies

$2/piece - minimum order of 12 pieces
$3/piece for personalized cookies - minimum order of 12 pieces, maximum of 20 characters

Decorated sugar cookies must be pre-ordered. You will select a date to pick them up when you order them. The decorated sugar cookies will NOT be placed in the freezer if you do not pick them up as there is risk that the colours will run when they thaw. We do not recommend freezing the decorated sugar cookies.


$2.50/piece - minimum order of 12 pieces

Impress your guests with your delicious spread and leave the dainties to us. CLICK HERE to place your order and cross your Christmas baking off the to do list!

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