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April 7th, 2020 - The Pink Moon

April 7th, 2020 - The Pink Moon

Have you heard about the little gift nature is giving to us all tomorrow? In the midst of this confusing time that we are all navigating through, we are going to experience the brightest moon of 2020; called the Pink Moon! It sounds like the perfect time to draw a little symbolism from nature and interpret this Supermoon as a sign that there is still something bright and special about this time that really doesn't feel very "special".

Why is it called the Pink Moon? The full moon in April is always referred to as the Pink Moon! It's name comes from "moss pink" also known as wild ground phlox which is purpley-pink in colour and is an early spring flower, often indicating the start of spring. So unfortunately, we can't expect the moon to actually be looking pink tomorrow.  

But what makes it so special? As mentioned before, this moon is a Supermoon and not only will it be the brightest moon of 2020 but, the moon will also appear up to 14% larger, which is actually quite noticeable. And in fact, the moon looks larger because it is actually going to be closer to the Earth, more than 27 000 km closer to the Earth than usual! A Supermoon is special because it only happens a few times a year. This year, astronomers say we can expect four Supermoons, and this one will actually already be the third of the year.

So, while we are all at home, looking for new ways to keep busy, we suggest taking a nature walk tomorrow night to observe this special, natural event. The best time to observe the pink moon will be at sunset tomorrow - which is expected to be at 8:10pm tomorrow in Manitoba. However, the moon will be its brightest a little later in the evening. Since most of us won't be setting alarms to rush to work in the morning, why not do a late night walk with the family, let the kids stay up past bed time and get excited about the "Supermoon"!

Not only is this a little event for everyone to look forward to, but the benefits of spending time outdoors are so wonderful during a stressful time. Fresh air is known to improve increase vitality (in turn making you more resilient to illness), reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol - the stress hormone, improve mood & boost creativity! And from a spiritual perspective, the Pink Moon is said to symbolize rebirth for all forms of life. I think we probably all feel like we could use a reset right now.

So thank you Mother Nature, for sending us a sign that even though we are heading down an unknown path, one thing that we can count on to happen regardless - is spring and that all of the systems of the Earth will continue to cycle while we as humans are asked to take a pause. We look forward to this little event that everyone has the ability to participate in right now, we hope you join us!

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